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Our concept is based on the Software as a Service idea: We take care about your video conferencing platform so that you can take care about your business!

Our turn-key ready products allow you to focus on using them instead of running them

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In today's work-from-home scenarios video conferencing becomes more and more crucial for co-workers to successfully interact with each other. Increasingly, customer contact can be maintained using video conferences as well. There are lots of proprietary products in the video conferencing systems market. As an alternative, there are also free and open source software products. However, running them on your own can can be a challenging task - even more so with regard to cost, availability and security. So we picked two of these systems for you to choose from and prepared them to be turn-key ready: Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton™.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a simple and streamlined web application that runs in your browser window. Hosts can invite participants by simply sending them a link. Participants can join with audio and video and share any desktop application for presentations. For mobile devices there are apps which make joining a conference a breeze.


BigBlueButton™ is a full-blown multi-host video conferencing platform which goes far beyond solely audio/video/screen sharing. Participants can make use of a presentation whiteboard with extended capabilities such as panning, zooming, collaborative drawing and a laser pointer. Sessions can be recorded and be viewed later as participants see fit. Hosts can enjoy the benefits of features like organizing participants in breakout rooms, polls and a collaborative notepad. It goes without a saying that BigBlueButton™ runs hassle-free in any recent browser so neither hosts nor participants need to install any client software.

Common Features

This is what you get with both Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton™

Hassle-free Video Conferences

Invite participants simply by sending an email. Video conferences open in browser window. No client software installation needed.

Join with Video

Use your laptop's camera for joining with video

Join with Audio

Use your laptop's built-in speaker/microphone or a headset

Screen Sharing

Share your desktop screen, an application or a browser tab


Public and private chats

External video sharing

Share external videos from YouTube and other platforms

Host Login Required

To start a meeting hosts have to login

Guest Login Optional

Hosts decide whether or not participants need a password

Additional Features

These are available with BigBlueButton™ only

Multiple Persistent Meeting Rooms

Create personalized meeting rooms and reuse them at will

Presentations with Sharable Whiteboard

Share slides, zoom&pan them, draw attention using a virtual laser pointer, add live annotations directly in your slides

Session Recording

Record video conferences and watch them later

Breakout Rooms

Re-organize participants in ad-hoc created sub-rooms for group work

Shared Notepad

Collaborate on annotations


Use polls for team decisions


Raise your hand, applaud or express emotions

Feature Restrictions

Hosts have fine-grained control of participant's access to features

Daily Plans

* The actual maximum of users depends on bandwidth and the number of users sharing video simultaneously.

Monthly Plans

* The actual maximum of users depends on bandwidth and the number of users sharing video simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my instance configured for my own domain name?

Short answer: Yes, you can.

At first right after subscribing, your instance initially can be reached at a random URL based on our domain. In order to get a custom URL you then have two options:

  1. To have your instance configured for please simply contact our support. We then adjust your domain name accordingly.
  2. To have your instance configured for things are a little more complicated: First you need to setup a CNAME RR record for your desired host name in your DNS domain pointing at the initial hostname of your already existing instance. Then you need to create a certificate matching your chosen host name with a validity of at least one year. Finally, please contact our support and attach the certificate including the corresponding private key.

Do the instances work for participants behind very restrictive firewalls?

Short answer: Yes, they do.

For accessing our BigBlueButton™ instances, your firewall needs to allow https port TCP/443 only. For Jitsi Meet your firewall must allow https port TCP/443 and either of UDP/10000 or TCP/4443.

Can I use my BigBlueButton™ instance with my existing learning management system like Moodle or any other platform that supports BigBlueButton™ integration?

Short answer: Yes, you can.

For integrating our BigBlueButton™ instances into your existing platform you will need the API key of your instance. Please simply contact our support and you will get your API key right away.

Can I use my phone to dial into a meeting?

Short answer: Yes, with BigBlueButton™ instances you can.

To configure phone dial-in you have to provide a SIP phone number. Please contact our support, pass your SIP credentials and we will configure phone dial-in right away.

When configured, in each meeting, a dial-in number and a meeting PIN is shown on the left hand side. To join, participants simply dial the number and put in the PIN.


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